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Asyra PRO
Bio Energetic Health Screening

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Asyra PRO bioenergetic health screening

The Asyra© PRO system is the very latest in Computerised Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS).

It ‘stress tests’ the body’s energy system to screen for a whole range of potential problems:-

  • Allergies, Sensitivities/Intolerances to foods & environmental factors

  • Screens for nutritional status & advises on nutritional / herbal supplements

  • Whole body system scan

  • Produces specific bio-energetic remedies

  • Gives complete printed report.

The Asyra PRO System in Summary

  • A sophisticated form of Bio-Feedback that is non-invasive (no blood is taken), and unlike other EDS & CEDS systems - no uncomfortable probe is used on the fingers. Therefore the testing is completely objective and cannot be influenced by the practitioner.

  • Used throughout the western world by orthodox medical and holistic practitioners.

  • Gives a comprehensive printed report of the findings, that will be explained.

  • Can produce a direct bio-energetic dose or imprint a remedy into a medium to be taken as drops or tiny pills. This is referred to as digital or electro-homeopathy.

  • Support and advice may include;

    • Avoidance of certain substances (e.g.. for 10 days )

    • Recommendation of nutritional supplements for support. Any we have in stock or that you bring with you (including current medication) can be ‘plate tested’ for compatibility.

    • Referral to your GP or recommendation for complementary treatment i.e. NAET (see over), homeopathy, acupuncture or manual therapy i.e. osteopathy, massage, etc.

Asyra PRO complete system scan Asyra CEDS screen including candida

Bio-Energetic Health Screening Background

For those that have ever had a 'sensitivity'/ allergy test with an EDS (Electro Dermal Screening) system (i.e. VEGA test, MORA or BEST system), then you'll have an idea of what this is about. The Asyra is the very latest in a long line of instruments is also known as Bio-Resonance therapy. It is based on the long established EAV (Electro Acupuncture according to doctor Voll) system of bio-energetic screening.

In the 1950’s Dr Voll discovered that acupuncture points on the energy pathways (meridians) of the body had a lower electrical resistance to the surrounding skin. He then found that the conductance of the body was affected by the resonance of various substances that he included in the circuit. With modern computer systems things have moved on a lot, but the principle remains the same.

Joe Galloway (the man behind the Asyra) worked with Dr Voll to produce the first Computerised EDS (CEDS) system. After working with various companies in this pioneering field he set up GTech with his sons and launched the original Asyra system. It has had several upgrades since then, namely the AT3 (the first probeless CEDS system) and in April '09 the Asyra PRO was launched in the UK.

There have been numerous technical studies, tests and research papers supporting the technology and this and earlier systems are in widespread use in the US and are particularly popular with medical doctors in Germany.

In 2002, Dr NR Roberts published a PhD research paper on the use of an EDS system; as a result of her study, that such a device “can be used to conduct a comprehensive meridian stress assessment to determine appropriate ways to achieve healthy energetic balance”.

She adds that “The machine provides a completely non-invasive method of gaining valuable information about the body's vital functions. It is the final conclusion, as a result of this experimental investigation, that these machines and their testing procedures are able to disclose patterns of stress and to provide feedback for use in a program to help restore each organ-system via the associated meridian, to an appropriate balance and therefore, health”.

The Asyra is the first of it’s kind to have both hardware & software approved by the FDA (US) for health screening.

Included in the major technological advances with the Asyra system is that it can;
  • The facility to produce a bio-energetic remedy based on homeopathic principles,

  • Give a direct treatment based on homeopathy & EAV (Electro Acupuncture according to Dr Voll),

  • Offer nutritional support suggestions

  • Use of a unique filter system as part of health screen to prioritise on most immediately relevant problem/ remedy.

  • Compatibility check for nutritional supplements, herbal remedies/proprietary blends, homeopathic remedies, etc.

Results of the allergy/ hypersensitivity screening does not necessarily mean a life time of avoidance!

Sensitivities / allergies or any other potential problems indicated by the system may be addressed with nutritional support, bio-energetic remedy or NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques)

Intro to Asyra by a US Chiropractor


What Sort of Problem may Benefit from a Bio-Energetic Health Screen?

Potentially anything within reasonable limits, dependent on how long the problem has been going on (chronicity), severity, age & general health. Typically the young have greater vital energy, endowing them with a greater capacity to heal/adapt and of course it's worth noting that an important factor may be an inherited tendency (predisposition) toward certain conditions. But the young, of course haven't been around so long to acquire as many further complicating factors/problems.

That said, some never cease to amaze us in their recovery.

The system scans the bio-energetic system of the body, which is believed to underpin the whole health of the person and stress tests it for a range of potential problems. Typical conditions largely compose of those difficult to diagnose/treat, including those known as functional diseases/syndromes or problems that people find orthodox medicine to be unsatisfactory;

  • Allergies & Allergy Related Problems

  • Arthritis

  • CFS - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME - Myalgic Encephalomylitis

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

  • Chronic Headaches & Migraine

  • Menstrual & Menopausal Problems

CEDS is also used to Screen for;

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

  • Food allergy, sensitivity / intolerances

  • Hormone imbalance

  • Trace minerals

  • Environmental sensitivities (i.e. electromagnetic radiation, mobiles, office environment, etc.).

  • Dental work & dental materials (i.e. amalgam filings, root canal work, anaesthetics, antibiotics, etc.)

  • Toxin tracing - suggested source of toxic influences i.e. water supply, processed foods

  • Internal organs, systems and body tissue health

  • Background infections, viral, bacterial, parasites, etc.







Allergy Test FAQ's

Does it Hurt?

No, the testing doesn't use an uncomfortable probe unlike many EDS systems, so is completely pain free.

How long does it take for the test results?

The Allergy Test results are given as printed reports at the end of the consultation and emailed as pdf files.

Can Children be tested?

Yes - there is no minimFUrtherum age for testing children.

Will I need more than one treatment?

We recommend that you return for a follow up test after 3 months so that we can monitor your progress and advise on the safe re-introduction of foods into your diet.

Will I have to give up certain foods altogether?

The system will advise on any food or other substance for your personal elimination programme. This is typically only for 10 days, then they can be reintroduced one by one. An additional advice sheet is also provided.

Will it affect any medication I am taking?

You can bring your medicines with you, so you can be tested for those also. Please bear in mon that this is a complementary diagnostic system and we can make no claims.

Is there anyone that cannot be tested?

We cannot test someone who has a pacemaker.


Please be aware that anyone can buy an EDS or CEDS system and set up practice after a very short course and with little or no other qualifications.

NB The Asyra© system should not be confused with the VEGAtest, MORA, BICOM or any other EDS, BioResonance or other Bio-Energy systems.

Also, despite been approved by the FDA (US) for health screening, this system is not accepted Mas a medical device in the UK and we make no claims to diagnose, treat or cure. Such systems give an indication only of the bio-energetic activity of the body and anything deduced from this is a matter of professional opinion.

















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