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Alison Evans
Hypnotherapist, Hypno-Psychotherapist, Metamorphic Technique Practitioner, Reiki & Spiritual Healer

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Hypnotherapist Wirral Cheshire

A Personal History

Alison, although born and educated in Liverpool, has been a resident in Neston for 48 years, and may well be a familiar figure in the village, to some. She pursued an academic and professional career in nursing, and worked as a specialist nurse in wound care. She is also a qualified hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, Reiki master, Spiritual Healing and Metamorphic technique practitioner. Having pursued an esoteric, spiritual and holistic interest for some 25 years, she still has current and regular interests in shamanic and soul development and esoteric astrology.

Career Development

It was whilst she was working in a nursing role at the Countess of Chester Hospital that her interest in complementary therapies became recognised. Already trained in healing, but wanting further development, she was awarded a hospital career grant and subsequently achieved a Diploma in hypnosis and hypno-psychotherapy from The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (Loughborough University). This led to Alison being invited to join the ‘Improving Working Lives’ initiative at the hospital, a service offered to staff at the hospital for personal development. Thus Alison offered hypnosis, hypno-psychotherapy and healing techniques to staff. The complementary therapy service later extended, and therapies were offered to patients recovering from cancer. Informative workshops and lectures in respect of complementary therapy were offered. Following this therapies were offered to patients suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, and the complementary therapy team liaised with the North Wales Motor Neurone Society to arrange home visits to help patients and their families to try and cope with this devastating disease. Despite Alison now having retired from nursing, and working at the Holistic Centre in Neston, she still offers services to both the Countess of Chester Cancer service, and the Motor Neurone Society of North Wales.

That complementary therapies are being accepted alongside orthodox medicine is a huge and important move forward. Of significance to Alison’s personal credit is that in 2000 whilst working as a nursing sister at the Countess of Chester Hospital, both her clinical and complementary skills were recognised by a Member of Parliament. At this point in time the government were assessing the risks/benefits of complementary therapies, and this particular MP was at the fore of the investigation. This led to Alison’s work and the complementary therapy services for the hospital being documented in Hansard, which is the House of Lord’s Report.

Working at the Holistic Centre Neston

Alison first met Andrew Woodhouse, the owner/Director of Neston Holistic Centre through being a client. She was seeking a solution to a long standing unresolved muscle/joint problem which seemed to defy a diagnosis from an orthodox medical approach, Alison having seen several doctors and specialists. Andrew was able to quickly assess and assist with the problem, and thus impressed, Alison was very keen to join his very reputable practice.


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